Planning Commission

Planning Commission Defined

The Planning Commission at the township level is a government agency or an appointed group of citizens with varying degrees of responsibility regarding the use of land within the jurisdictional limit. 

Community planning is a process. It is a process for coordinating the impact people and their activities have on the physical and social environment in which they live. We plan to make our communities better for the next generation,our children, and future residents to come.We plan to balance conflicting interests. 

Many times, development proponents are seemingly at odds with those concerned with protecting the environment and maintaining a high quality of life. The reality is that all positions require champions. Held in tension, the interests balance one another,producing a stronger, healthier community.

Saginaw Area GIS Authority

For information about the Saginaw Area GIS Authority please visit their website


Board Members

W. Michael Babion

Bill Hesse

Dan Witt

Darrin Kroll

Brad Becker - Township Representative
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