Cemetary Rules and Fees

  1. Cemetery hours will be from dusk until dawn.
  2. A thirty-six (36) hour notice must be given to the sexton for opening graves prior to a funeral.
  3. If a family wishes to have a military funeral, they can inform the undertaker. (Anyone with an honorable discharge from the military is entitled to this service)
  4. No plants in FRONT of headstone.
  5. All grave markers will have firm concrete foundations to be installed by cemetery employees only.
  6. All plants, flowers, perennials, etc. will be placed in well kept beds and should not exceed more than twelve (12) inches from back of head stone.
  7. No coping grass banks or any kind of enclosure will be permitted on a lot except on such slope where an enclosure must be used to preserve the boundary of the plot.
  8. No lot or grave will be permanently mounded or have gravel.
  9. No iron, wire works, seats or urns will be allowed on lots except by permission of the Township Board and when the article(s) become unsightly it will be removed from cemetery.
  10. All winter grave blankets, wreathes and their stakes must be removed by April 1st. Any of these items not removed by designated date will be disposed of. New arrangements may be placed after April 1st.
  11. The Township Board desires to leave the improvement of lots as much as possible to the taste of the owner, but in fairness to all, they reserve the reserve the right to remove any structure or object that is injurious or conflicts with any regulation.
  12. It will be the duty of the Township Board at times to lay out, alter avenues and the walks and to make such rules for the grounds they deem appropriate to promote the general welfare, purpose and appearance of the cemetery.
  13. The cemetery sexton is directed to enforce all above regulations.

Fees & Transfer Information

  1. No cemetery lot shall be transferred to another party without permission of the Township Board.
  2. Any transfer of one or more burial spots from the original purchaser to an immediate family member (father, mother, son or daughter) will be at no charge. For any other person the fee is $150.00.
  3. Cost of graves as follows:
    $100.00 per lot-for residents
    $500.00 per lot-for land-owners (not living in the township.)
  4. A resident must live in the township at least 90 days before purchasing a lot at resident prices.
  5. The cost of a cemetery deed is $20.00. This is added to the purchase price of a lot.
  6. A cemetery lot made be bought back by the Township from the original purchaser for the actual price paid.
  7. All clarifications, conflicts and disputes will be decided by the Township Board and decision will be final.