Hall Rental Policy

  1. No decorations are to be hung from the ceiling or windows.
  2. Trash is to be taken from premises by renter of the hall.
  3. Floors will be swept and mopped after use.
  4. A resident can only rent the hall for an immediate family member.
  5. If a renter is having a resident rent the hall, the resident must pick up the key, bring the fee and sign for responsibilty.
  6. No tables or chairs are to loaned out.
  7. The renter is responsible for any breakage, damage or anything missing.
  8. Rent and deposit must be paid when renter picks up key.
  9. All persons renting hall must provide a copy of the there home owners insurance policy.
  10. All clarifications, conflicts and disputes will be decided by the Township Board and decision will be final.
  11. Wash tables and chairs to clean condition

Township Responsibility Agreement